A short introduction to RIS

  • Complex: It covers the whole business process including preparing quotes and analysing and settling completed orders. This full coverage allows for the free flow of data during the subsequent functions and activities.
  • Integrated: It uses all digital data sources available in Hungary and it is compatible with Kapella2, GYSEV-VIHAR, Vontat2, IÜR, NAVISION. RIS manages a bidirectional data traffic with these systems reducing manual data entry (diminishing potential errors) and accelerating the availability of data. Compatibility exists with any railway IT system operating an international infrastructure.
  • Workflow: The business activitygoes according to predefined, standard processes. Thus, processes go through the same steps for all orders making them transparent and traceable simplifying substitutions. RIS allocates custom authorization system based on the user type for each activity and data ensuring the delegation of tasks, creating task list for each user and granting an appropriate level of security for processes and data.
  • According to the basic principles of the system, it minimizes data recording, makes necessary – and only necessary and authorized – information available, defines the obligatory data content and last but not least fully complies with the law.
  • Legally protected: The software is copyrighted under the Copyright Act LXXVI of 1999 and is protected by law from the time the copyright was created.