Functions of the System

The system covers the different working phases of the whole process of business, technology and management activities:

Offering phase:

  • Managing Partners
  • Offer preparation
  • Following the negotiation process
  • Agreement, recording contract

Commercial phase:

  • Ordering according to accepted offers
  • Defining commercial needs, Assembling commercial train, Preparing traffic documents
  • Information „forwarding” to traffic area


Assembling a Train phase:

  • Ordering Railway Services
  • Track Capacity – System of the OSS
  • Traction – Locomotive System
  • Other, Country specific Services
  • Receiving, handling Confirmations
  • Pre-departure activities: Commercial & Technology

Train Follow-up phase:

  • Departure checking activities
  • Receiving, processing, transportation incidents
  • Transport status report and supporting service transfer
  • Handling of exceptional events
  • Arrival checking activities, Delivery management

Post calculation phase:

  • Compiling daily reports
  • Outgoing invoice preparation
  • Check the account assignment data input cost
  • Controlling, analyzes